One of the questions we're most frequently asked is, when is the best time of year to have your driveway seal coated?  Now, we should note that when performed by a vastly experienced paving professional, a drive can be properly and reliably sealed in most conditions.  Based on the hundreds of scenarios we've seen, sealing during the mid and late summer months tends to yield the best combination of surface protection and extended durability.

We're fans of the DIY crowd and applaud their bravery, but if you're unsure about things like density, surface levels, cooling/curing variations and other intricate behind-the-brush details, calling a professional sealcoating company can be a smart move.

Driveway sealing in Syracuse NY

  • Creating flush and consistently-level surfaces can take many attempts to master
  • Seal-coating in late summer and fall offers superior winter driveway protection
  • An experienced sealcoating professional can save time, mess and material waste
  • Seasonal commercial blacktop sealing is recommended for high traffic lots
  • CNY Sealing offers the best rates on pro sealcoating services in Syracuse NY
  • An easy way to improve your property's appearance, value and curb appeal

Call CNY Sealing and Protect Your Driveway This Winter

As one of the most well-established and trusted paving companies in the Syracuse area, CNY Sealing brings nearly two decades of local experience to every job we perform.  Whether you're a proactive homeowner looking to get a jump on old man winter, or a business concerned with keeping the commercial grounds looking their best, the entire CNY Sealing team is here to help.

To learn more about our company, services or current seal-coating specials, give us a call at 315-458-5508 and we'll be happy to help.  We offer free onsite estimates and all quotes are backed in writing for your peace-of-mind.  Be sure to read our section on decorative epoxy coating, too!