Asphalt Repair


Regardless of what type of home or office you're in, if you have asphalt on your property, it will eventually degrade and require repair. Since 1998 CNY Sealing & Paving has been specializing in all aspects of Syracuse asphalt repair for commercial businesses.


paving repair

When you're not ready to replace your driveway, repair is a highly economical solution for many. Here are just a few of the asphalt services we at CNY Sealing & Paving proudly offer:

  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Commercial Sidewalk Repairs
  • Road Repairs
  • Pothole Patching
  • Patio Resurfacing
  • Catch-Basin Repair

Before you make the decision to replace your driveway or parking lot, we encourage you to contact the trusted, experienced asphalt repair experts in Syracuse.  With over 3,000 satisfied NY state customers, you can have the utmost confidence in CNY Sealing & Paving.

Trusted in Syracuse NY for Commercial Pavement Service

If you're a developer, contractor or facility manager who's searching for a commercial paving company you can trust, we invite you to see why more and more businesses have come to trust CNY Sealing & Paving in Syracuse. Call us to learn more at 315-458-5508.