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Did you know that for about the same money as materials and time, you can have your driveway sealed by a professional paving company?  Whether you're interested in saving time, saving money or saving your back, no other Syracuse NY driveway sealing company offers the same quality, affordable rates and superior service, that you'll get every time from CNY Sealing.

  • Wide range of affordable driveway sealing services
  • We use advanced commercial-grade sealers
  • Our process & materials extend the life of your driveway
  • Complimentary edge trimming, power clean, oil stain treatment
  • Treatment of cracks prior to hand-sealing (Some cracks may not be treatable)
  • We also offer spray sealing at your request

When it comes to driveway sealing, there is no such thing as a typical or routine job.  Each driveway has its own needs and specifications, and the quality of the finished product will reflect this.  CNY strives for perfection every time. It's helped us become the largest driveway sealing company in upstate & Syracuse NY!

Do you need Commercial Sealing & Striping?

Our commercial grade sealer includes an epoxy addictive as well as 300 pounds of sand to every 100 gallons of sealer which is continually churned on site. This process will keep the surface from becoming slick and provide a much longer life between applications. All sealing is done by hand. Spraying is available upon request

All Quotes Include:

  • Edge Trimming
  • Power clean surface with high power blowers, sweepers & wire brushes
  • Treat oil/gas stains
  • Treat cracks (some may not be filled depending on condition)