Asphalt Milling Machine for Roads & Parking Lots


The most traditional road and parking lot repairs—whether it’s potholes, shoving, cracking or rutting—are typically repaired using a process that is grossly outdated.  What many fail to realize is that these common issues are not always the result of bad asphalt, but rather an unstable or degraded base.  Filling in holes, routine sealing and overlay applications do very little to repair the base, and as a result, those charged with road repairs and parking area maintenance find themselves in a non-stop cycle of simply covering up old problems.

Over time, the damaged sections will need to be dug up, hauled away and replaced at an enormous cost to whomever is writing the check.  Not only are the old methods expensive, they’re also extremely time-consuming and labor intensive.


full-depth reclamation services

As a company committed to efficiency, value and innovative technology, CNY Sealing & Paving has made significant investments in our road repair and replacement equipment.  One of the most substantial is our state-of-the-art Asphalt miller.  This advanced machine doesn’t just patch over the problem; it addresses the failing asphalt base that many municipalities and property owners often have no idea even exists.

asphalt pulverizing

The Asphalt miller works by pulverizing the existing and damaged asphalt, as well as the old underlying materials, into a reusable material that can be uniformly incorporated into the roadway base.  This process is faster, more efficient, and proven to enhance volume and structural durability, while allowing our team to easily add road base, gravel, cement or other supporting material to the application.  It’s also considerably less expensive and longer-lasting than traditional repairs and repaving techniques.

more durable roads

The end result is roads and surfaces that are more durable, smoother and  far more capable of withstanding wear over longer periods of time.  Additionally, the process is much faster, as projects which commonly take weeks can be now completed in a matter of days.

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