Installing a sidewalk properly requires extensive training, experience and a keen eye for every detail. When it comes to something this important, you simply can't leave anything to chance.  At CNY Sealing & Paving our entire team works hard to ensure that your new sidewalk or walkway is safe, even, level and aesthetically pleasing.

From the most basic commericial walkway to the most elaborate corporate entrance, you can have complete confidence in the quality, value and reliability of our professional sidewalk installation services.

Sidewalks for Commercial Buildings

The safety, accessibility and appearance of your commercial property is always important to consider.  A damaged, aging or unkempt corporate sidewalk, for example, can leave a lasting impression on prospects, employees and clients.  CNY offers a wide spectrum of commercial sidewalk install services for small business, industrial operations and corporate locations.

Apartment & Condo Sidewalks

It only takes one slip and fall before many property owners begin to appreciate the benefits of a properly, professionally installed sidewalk.  In addition to corporations and businesses, CNY Sealing & Paving is proud to provide affordable sidewalk services for apartment complex, associations and villages.

Get a Free Estimate on Commercial Sidewalk Installation in Syracuse NY

Whether you're looking to install a new sidewalk or custom walkway CNY Sealing & Paving prides itself in being one of the most affordable concrete companies in Syracuse NY.  Call us today at 315-458-5508 to learn more or discuss specs on your upcoming project.