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Many homeowners and property/facility managers are shocked to learn how much money they could be saving, by resurfacing concrete instead of completely replacing it.  In many cases, small surface cracks can be adequately filled and/or repaired, allowing a thin layer of new concrete to cover the existing foundation without fear of sinking, buckling or collapse.  Making this determination, however, is something that needs to be done by an unbiased and trustworthy expert in concrete surface and repairs.

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Here at CNY Sealing in Syracuse, we know exactly how to identify floors and surfaces that are good candidates for concrete resurfacing, and which are genuinely in need of replacement. Expert assessment of your existing concrete floors and surfaces

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  • Complete expert repair of any minor cracks or visible imperfections
  • Thin layer of premium concrete applied to top layer of existing surface
  • An economical way to repair concrete floors and save money on replacement
  • Free written estimates on all resurfacing jobs for increased peace-of-mind

professional relationship

Being dishonest about what your concrete surfaces need (and do not need) is certainly no way to establish or maintain a long-lasting professional relationship.  CNY Sealing was built on a foundation of honesty and respect for those we serve, and you have our assurance that we will always be straightforward with you when it comes to making recommendations.

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If you're a developer, contractor or facility manager who's searching for a commercial paving company you can trust, we invite you to see why more and more businesses have come to trust CNY Sealing in Syracuse. Call us to learn more at 315-458-5508.

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