Your driveway makes a strong statement, whether you want it to or not.  As the years go flying by, our driveways take quite the beating.  Vehicle weight, elements of weather, and exposure to chemicals can turn the best looking driveway, into one in need of a long-overdue sealing.  If you wait too long, it could take more than a seal to get things looking good again.

The Difference Between Professional Sealers, and Side-Job Sealers

For every professional sealing company in Syracuse, there's a side-job sealer out there talking a very good game.  When you look closer, the truth begins to reveal.  Watered-down, inferior sealing products, poor customer service, questionable experience & references, and so on.  Even more concerning, if something goes wrong, these outfits do not always carry ample, if any, insurance or certifications.

residential driveway sealingWhy Choose a Professional Driveway Sealing Company?

Well-established professional sealing companies have many years of residential sealing in Syracuse, and are staffed by individuals who are trained extensively and respectful of your property and neighbors.  The materials they use are traditionally commercial-grade, and will last longer while providing better protection.  Most importantly, professional sealing service companies are fully insured, licensed and offer firm estimates in writing.

Your Sealed Driveway Begins with a Call to CNY Sealing

If you've resorted to getting creative in hiding your driveway from public view, stop the charade and do what other WNY homeowners do.  Call CNY Sealing at (315)458-5508 for a Free Estimate on driveway sealing in the Syracuse area.