Regardless of whether you're a homeowner or the owner of a business, it's understood that we all want our property to maintain a balance of good looks, protection and functionality.  So why should the concrete floors in our life be any less deserving of special treatment?  Concrete epoxy coating is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to improve the look and feel of your space, without spending a fortune to make it stand out.  Today, it's done to enhance and protect garage floors, basements, warehouses, corporate centers and countless other areas.

Aside from the sleek, professional finish it imparts, there are many other advantages to having your concrete professionally epoxy-coated.  Here are just a few reasons to consider decorative concrete coating in Syracuse.

Fast & Affordable Way to Improve Your Space

Unlike so many remodeling projects that take forever and cost thousands of dollars, decorative concrete epoxy applications are very quick when done by an expert, at only a fraction of the cost of pouring new concrete.  And while many DIY enthusiasts have tried applying epoxy floor coating themselves, many learn that it's wiser and less stressful to let a pro do it.  Getting a perfectly level and even finish is an art all in itself, and can take many attempts before getting the process down flawlessly.  Save yourself time and money by letting an expert like CNY handle your epoxy floors.

Protects Surfaces Better Over Extended Periods of Time

It's no secret that the majority of those who have decorative epoxy concrete services, made the decision after seeing it at a friend's house or local business.  What few know at first glance is that there's more to epoxy floor coating than good looks.  Once applied and formed, the unique chemical composition in the epoxy offers added protection against spills, stains and deterioration.  The protective barrier also helps protect concrete surfaces against the formation of mold, moisture and settling dust.

Very Little Maintenance Required

Have you ever tried scrubbing an oil stain out of your garage floor?  If so then you know what a near impossible task that can be.  And, it's one of the main reasons why driveway and garage floor epoxy coating continues to grow in popularity.  Once it's applied, cleaning up spills is as easy as wiping away with a damp cloth.  The materials responsible for its one of a kind luster, also creates an impermeable barrier that repels oil, gasoline and other harsh chemical liquids.

Call CNY for Affordable Epoxy Floors in Syracuse NY

If you're ready to transform your boring concrete surfaces into something truly eye-catching, the professionals at CNY Sealing are here to help.  We offer some of the best rates on commercial and residential decorative concrete and epoxy floors in Syracuse, professionally applied and backed by our 100% total satisfaction guarantee.  Call us today at 315-458-5508 to learn more or get a free quote.