Syracuse winters mean lots of snow, and many commercial parking lots are receiving large dumps of it. Taking control of your company’s snowplowing needs can be cost-effective. However, DIY snowplowing can also be dangerous and cause more damage. Here are a few dos and don’ts for snowplowing your commercial lot.

Commercial Snow Plowing Lots Syracuse NY

Do Follow a Process

Snowplowing is a process. There are efficient ways to accomplish the job, and there are other ways that lead to more headaches in the future. Follow these steps for an efficient plowing job:

  • Start with back dragging snow away from the buildings and overhead doors.
  • Next, start plowing the lot itself. Begin with the center of the lot.
  • Finally, plow the outer edges.
  • Repeat until the job is complete. If the lot is large, break it down into smaller areas.

Don’t Be Careless When Piling

Be careful where you decide to pile the snow. Avoid piling in these areas to avoid risks to your employees and customers:

  • Handicapped parking spots
  • The middle of the lot
  • Storm drains and catch basins
  • Near the road
  • Next to the building

Do Plow During Low-Traffic Hours

The fewer people around when you are plowing, the better. Choose to plow during the times where you have the least amount of traffic. Usually, this time is before or after closing or during early morning hours. A midday lull is also acceptable if your lot is not busy throughout the day.

Don’t Wait to Call a Professional

DIY snowplowing can lead to additional damage and inconvenient snow pile locations. Figuring out how to effectively plow can be a challenge. For best results, invest in a professional snowplowing service.

Do you need assistance snowplowing your Syracuse commercial parking lot? Contact CNY Sealing & Plowing to receive a free quote for your snow removal job today.