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Weeds are a gardener's nightmare in Syracuse NY. And if you're spending countless days pulling them out, something is wrong. Pulling out weeds takes effort and a whole lot of patience, but it'll be worth it when you put in the time. 'Weed' them out for good with these five tips to prevent weed growth.

Keep Them Close

Plant your vegetables and flowers close together, keeping less space for the weed seeds to grow. Make at least a two foot hole, where you can loosely plant your vegetables or flowers. Instead of traditional rows, you'll want to create a diamond shaped pattern to avoid leaving room for the weeds to grow.

Leave the Soil Alone

If it's unnecessary to disturb the soil, leave it be, especially if it's in close proximity to your vibrant garden. Weed seeds love to just sleep in your soil, remaining dormant for years. They're waiting for that perfect moment when the soil is disturbed and they are awakened by the sunlight to germinate. If you don't have a big yard, use less invasive hand cultivating and high-powered tillers. Use mounds of compost to sow your vegetable or flower seeds. Bags of topsoil and shredded leaves are also good for compost. Weak or loose concrete leaves room for unwanted weeds. If you notice weeds along your concrete driveway or walkway, you may need to patch up that area. More importantly, a professional in sealing and paving in Syracuse NY will likely suggest a best option.

Use Chemicals Sparingly

Without killing the grass or plants surrounding the weeds, it is crucial to plan accordingly. In some cases, herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating but it must be done carefully and strategically. It's a time-sensitive matter that requires advanced and careful planning. To get a feel of when to spread the herbicide, you should log when you see your first weeds pop each year.

Choke Them Out

We know that weeds love the sun. And any time their soily slumber is disturbed, they'll pop-up to germinate. In fact, weeds are tough enough to penetrate through concrete. Another sure fire way to eliminate weeds from taking over your garden is to use sun blocking soil or organic mulches. They cover the ground in a thick layer to prevent any sunlight from penetrating through even the slightest opening in your soil. These mulches can consist of newspaper, straw, hardwood, or cardboard.

CNY Sealing in East Syracuse, NY can seal your driveway and/or repair your paved or concrete surface to prevent weeds from intruding through cracks in these areas. Our special process and top-tier materials can extend the life of your driveway or other concrete surface and help shut out weed, plant and tree roots. Contact us today for a quote!