The summer months can be unforgiving when it comes to asphalt and paved surfaces, and this creates a real problem for those tasked with ensuring their parking lots and walkways are safe, level, and appealing to the eyes of customers and clients. Still, the combination of intense heat, moisture, and traffic can result in cracks, splits, buckling, and a host of other pavement-related imperfections. While it’s easy to ignore them, addressing them before winter arrives is a smart move, and one that could end up preventing more costly future expenses.

Large pot hole in pavement on snow covered street

At CNY Sealing, we take great pride in being known as one of the most experienced and trusted providers of asphalt repairs in Syracuse and the surrounding areas. Here are just a handful of reasons to take care of those seemingly mundane pavement imperfections, and why businesses throughout Onondaga county continue to trust our expertise:

  • Freezing weather can turn simple asphalt problems into major issues
  • Ice and snow coverage decreases visibility, leading to more slips and falls
  • Salt and moisture embeds itself deep in cracks, making problems worse
  • Routine asphalt repairs can be completed quickly, with no business interruptions
  • CNY Sealing uses the most advanced equipment, technology, and process
  • The cost of minor repairs pales in comparison to the expense of replacement

With the price of everything on the rise these days, we understand the need to prioritize maintenance essentials. You can take us at our word when we tell you that this is not one you want to put on the backburner. To learn more about our full offering of pavement repair services or start a free quote, get in touch with the professionals at CNY Sealing today. We can answer any questions you have, or stop by to provide an expert assessment of your facility.

CNY Sealing is located in East Syracuse, NY and proudly serves customers throughout the entire surrounding region. We can be reached by phone at 315-458-5508 during normal business hours, or via email 24/7 through our website’s secure contact page.