The appearance of your commercial property will have an undeniable impact on how customers, clients and prospects see you.  If you've been working hard to build a positive reputation throughout the community, the last thing you need is an old or potentially dangerous parking lot giving people the wrong idea.  First impressions are nearly impossible to undo, so it's important to make sure that this is not an area that goes ignored.

A more professional appearance, of course, is just one of the benefits of regularly maintaining your commercial parking lot or driveway.  Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional Syracuse commercial sealcoating company:

  • Protect the integrity of your parking lot from sun, snow and harsh weather
  • Bright, highly-visible line stripes for less parking problems and congestion
  • Visitor spots and handicap parking spaces that are easy to utilize
  • Helps prevent more significant damage, cracks and buckling
  • Make your property more inviting to new or first time customers

How Often to Sealcoat Your Business Parking Lot

At CNY Sealing in Syracuse, we recommend that businesses have their commercial lots and/or entrance ways professionally sealed every two years.  Not only will this keep your grounds looking their very best, it's an economically smart way to prevent more costly repairs and re-paving down the road.

Understandably, many businesses are concerned about having to shut down for days in order to have their lot sealed.  As shown in the video, even the largest parking lots can be sealed in a weekend, and ready for your staff by Monday morning.  Our team sealed this 500,000 square feet parking lot over the course of a weekend, offering minimal interruption to business.

Get a Free Quote on Commercial Syracuse Sealcoating Services

If your lot is overdue for a fresh coat, CNY Sealing can make the process fast, affordable and 100% accurate.  We handle all aspects, including commercial line striping, handicap parking space painting, fire/loading areas and more.  Give us a call at 315-458-5508 for a free estimate, or get rates and answers to your sealcoating questions.